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Flashcards made simple

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A flashcard app full of cool features and yet simple and beautiful.

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Simple like that

Tap to flip the card, swap right if you know the answer, or left if you don't. Get your score at the end. Simple like that.

Adding to distraction-free experience: no ads, no annoying popups pushing you to pay for additional features, and no account needed.

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Import your highlights from Kindle

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could transform the notes from your Kindle books into flashcards and review them alongside your other decks? 

With Muna you can easily import your Kindle notes in CSV or JSON format. 

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Spreadsheet friendly

You don’t want to invest a lot of time carefully creating hundreds of flashcards in an app, just to realise one day that they are forever locked in that app. 

Muna allows you to export and import your flashcards in CSV format, so you can create or edit them in the spreadsheet of your choice.

Leitner Boxes

Muna lets you use Leitner Boxes, a powerful learning system for memorising information using flashcards.

With Leitner boxes your flashcards are divided into boxes according to the frequency you should study them. Cards you seldom recall are automatically placed in the first box, while the cards you have well memorised go in the last box. 

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